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Fryderyk Chopin Birthday Concert Fryderyk Chopin Birthday Concert

The „Birthday Concerts” have a special place in the calendar of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute’s artistic events. They are organized around the birth date of the composer: the 1st March, namely the date recognized by the composer himself as his birthday.

On the 1st March 2019, 7pm in the National Philharmonic, Tomasz Ritter, the winner of the 1st International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments, will perform with the {oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna under the baton of Dirk Vermeulen. The program: Concert Overture “The Fairy Tale” (“Bajka”) by Stanisław Moniuszko, Symphony in C major Op. 2 No. 1 by Karol Lipiński and Piano Concerto in F minor Op. 21 by Fryderyk Chopin.

Tomasz Ritter will play on the Pleyel piano, purchased thanks to the sponsorship funds of the Lotto Foundation and the Orlen Dar Serca Foundation.


1st March 2019, 12 noon, Żelazowa Wola


Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849):

  • Nocturne in C minor Op. 48 No.1
  • Mazurka in c minor Op. 31 No. 1
  • Mazurka in G major Op. 50 No. 1
  • Mazurka in C major Op. 24 No. 2
  • Mazurka in A minor Op. 7 No. 2
  • Mazurka in G minor Op. 24 No. 1
  • Mazurka in B flat major Op. 7 No. 1
  • Mazurka in B flat minor Op. 24 No. 4
  • Mazurka in F minor Op. 7 No. 3
  • Mazurka in A flat major Op. 50 No. 2
  • Mazurka in C sharp minor Op. 50 No. 3
  • Nocturne in F sharp minor Op. 48 No. 2


Krzysztof Książek – fortepiano


1st March 2019, 7pm

Concert Hall of the National Philharmonic


  • Stanisław Moniuszko: Concert Overture „The Fairy Tale” (“Bajka”)
  • Karol Lipiński: Symphony in C major Op. 2 No. 2
  • Fryderyk Chopin: Piano Concerto in F minor Op. 21


Tomasz Ritter – piano
{oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna
Dirk Vermeulen – conductor


The sale will start on the 18th January 2019:

  • On the website (12 noon)
  • In the ticket offices of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute (Tuesday – Sunday 11am–19am)
  • In the ticket offices of the National Philharmonic