Chopin Competitions' Conference Chopin Competitions' Conference

It is with great interest and satisfaction that Frederic Chopin National Institute observes the increase in the number of piano competitions cultivating our common patron's music. The 200th anniversary of the composer's birth, broadly celebrated worldwide in the Chopin Year 2010, was particularly prolific in this matter, with new competition initiatives honouring the occasion.

We would like Chopin's homeland to host a meeting of the representatives of Chopin competitions worldwide, and we find the period of Preliminary Round auditions for the 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition a good moment for such a meeting.

The purpose of the event is a personal meeting of competition organisers as well as becoming familiar with their activities, achievements and problems. We are convinced that the common passion and similar activity profile will provide plenty of topics to talk about, in a more formal way during the sessions prepared by us for this purpose, as well as through individual contacts. We hope that one of the fruits of our meeting will be a common decision about how to continue contacts in the future.

The proposed term of the meeting is 21‒23 April 2015


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