"Chopin in Paris: The 1830s" - VI International Conference organized by NIFC "Chopin in Paris: The 1830s" - VI International Conference organized by NIFC

30 November - 2 December 2006 in Warsaw there was a VI International Conference organized by The Fryderyk Chopin Institute.This year the conference title was Chopin in Paris: The 1830s. The main focus of the conference was on Chopin's first decade in Paris, and papers engaged with this theme from a variety of perspectives: the cultural context, including concert life and opera; the climate of ideas, as registered through journals and other literature; the context of virtuoso pianism; the styles and structures of Chopin's compositions.

Scholarly Committee:
prof. Jim Samson, Prof. Zofia Chechlińska

Deputy Director:
Grzegorz Michalski

Artur Szklener, Anna Iwanicka-Nijakowska, Marita Albán Juárez

Circulated Papers - "The New Chopin" (2 December, 14:15)

Prof. Mieczysław Tomaszewski

Prof. Jeffrey Kallberg

Prof. Tomi Mäkelä

Prof. David Rowland




Thursday 30 November
13:00 Opening of the conference

Chopin and others

  • 13:30 Dr Jacqueline Waeber (Trinity College, Dublin) - the paper was cancelled
    From Bach’s Übungen to Chopin’s Etudes: from the mechanical to the poetical?
  • 14:15 Daniel Gallagher (University of Oxford) - Between Paris and Leipzig: Encountering Chopin in the music of Clara Schumann
  • 15:00 Dr Haiganus Preda-Schimek (Wien) - Hexameron. Sechs Hypostasen gesellschaftlicher Konvention und kreativer Indivitualität in dem Klavierspiel der 1830-er Jahre

Chopin and his pupils

  • 16:15 Dr Ingrid Loe Dalaker (Trondheim) - Chopin in translation: The Mazurkas of Tellefsen
  • 16:45 Prof. Jan Ekier (Warszawa) - Adolf Gutmann: The Second Great copyist of Chopin
  • 17:15 Prof. Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger (University of Geneva) - Lumières nouvelles sur les partitions annotées de la collection Camille O’Meara-Dubois

Friday 1 December
Disciplining the Mazurkas

  • 09:30 Prof. Piotr Dahlig (Uniwersytet Warszawski) - Chopin Mazurkas in ethnomusicological perspective
  • 10:15 Prof. Nicholas Cook (Royal Holloway University of London) - Performance analysis and Chopin’s Mazurkas

Analytical perspectives

  • 11:30 Judith Petty (Yale University) - Register, large-scale structure, and piano sound in Chopin’s works of the 1830s
  • 12:15 Prof. Wai-Ling Cheong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) - A play of two keys in Chopin’s Second Ballade
  • 14:15 Kaori Katayama Noland (University of Oregon) - Grundgestalt and octatonic manifestation in Chopin’s G minor Ballade Op. 23
  • 15:00 Dr Alison Hood (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) - Tonal and rhythmic hidden repetition in Chopin’s Prelude Op. 28 No. 14
  • 16:15 Dr Annie Yih (University of California at Santa Barbara) - Connecting analysis and performance: Practical issues for developing an effective approach
  • 17:00 General Discussion
  • 18:00 “mULTIMATE CHOPIN” - presentation of the new project of The Foundation for the National Edition of the Works of Fryderyk Chopin
    Paweł Kamiński - prowadzenie

Saturday 2 December
Aesthetics and Social History

  • 09:30 Prof. Katharine Ellis (Royal Holloway University of London) - Parisian Romanticisms c.1830: a Bluffer’s Guide
  • 10:15 Dr David Kasunic (Princeton University) - Regarding Chopin: Visual culture and musical genre in 1830s Paris
  • 11:30 Dr hab. Krzysztof Rottermund (Uniwersytet Szczeciński) - Chopin and Hesse – new facts about their artistic acquaintance
  • 12:15 Prof. Jolanta T. Pękacz (Canada Research Chair in European Studies) -KEYNOTE ADDRESS Chopin and the Discourse on Salons

The new Chopin (circulated papers)

  • 14:15 Prof. Mieczysław Tomaszewski (Akademia Muzyczna, Kraków) - Chopin achieving his own maturity: Turning points and metamorphoses in the 1830s (1829-1840)
  • 15:00 Prof. Jeffrey Kallberg (University of Pennsylvania) - On music and biography: Making sense of a new source
  • 16:15 Prof. Tomi Mäkelä (Universität Magdeburg) - “Katechismus” or ‘transcendante’? Reconsidering Chopin’s Études opus 10 and opus 25
  • 17:00 Prof. David Rowland (The Open University) - Chopin’s early piano style: Compass, notation and texture
  • 18:00 General Discussion