The Third International Congress The Third International Congress

Under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw

will host

a Third International Congress

from 25 February to 1 March 2010

to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fryderyk Chopin

Chopin 1810-2010

Ideas - Intepretations - Influence

University of Warsaw, Old Library

Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28


Fryderyk Chopin Institute

University of Warsaw
Polska Akademia Chopinowska


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Nearly 200 years have elapsed since the birth of Fryderyk Chopin in 1810. In honour of this event and to recognize the importance that Chopin and his music have had throughout the past two centuries, the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw will promote a major celebration entitled ‘Chopin 2010', featuring performances of his music, competitions and festivals, as well as the Third International Congress devoted to the composer and his oeuvre.

The first Congress took place in Warsaw in 1960 under the aegis of the Institute of Musicology at the University of Warsaw, while the Second Congress, organized in 1999 by the ‘Polish Chopin Academy', was devoted to ‘Chopin and his Work in the Context of Culture'.

The Third International Congress will encompass a broad thematic spectrum, focusing
in particular on the ideas that inspired Chopin's oeuvre, interpretative responses to it, and the influences that it has had on the music of other composers as well as on other forms of artistic endeavour and human activity.

The following areas are particularly relevant:

1.  Chopin's personality, heritage and milieu

  • biography
  • historical contexts surrounding Chopin's creative output
  • contemporary aesthetics and their influence on Chopin

2.  Interpretations of Chopin's music

  • sources (including but not limited to performances)
  • methodologies
  • historical and current performance traditions and styles analyses (broadly defined)

3.  The influence of Chopin and his music

  • on the music of other composers
  • on literature and art­
  • in terms of historical and sociological repercussions.

In addition to the formal conference program, concerts will be held and the new Fryderyk Chopin Museum will be opened in the Ostrogski Castle.

Applications and queries should be sent by email to

Program Committee

Chairs: Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, Irena Poniatowska, John Rink, Zofia Chechlińska , Maciej Gołąb , Jeffrey Kallberg, Wojciech Nowik   ,  Jim Samson, Zbigniew Skowron, Artur Szklener, Mieczysław Tomaszewski.