The European Salon: Nineteenth-century Salonmusik The European Salon: Nineteenth-century Salonmusik

International Bilingual Conference

The European Salon: Nineteenth-century Salonmusik

2-4 October 2015, National University of Ireland, Maynooth


Keynote speakers: Professor Susan Youens, Professor Glenn Stanley, and Professor Harald Krebs

As socio-cultural institutions, salons had a great political, artistic and scientific impact on nineteenth-century history. The typical salon sociability provided a unique opportunity for artists of varied social and cultural backgrounds to share their knowledge and skills on a semi-public platform. In fact the attempt at overcoming social, religious and educational limitations in the salon was a singular phenomenon of the time. While the purposes of nineteenth-century salons were diverse, all of them had in common the ubiquity of music. This interdisciplinary conference seeks to re-evaluate the significance of both the broad and diverse category of music performed in and/or composed for the salon and the extra-musical functions of the salon within the context of the nineteenth-century socio-cultural discourse.

Call for papers: doc, pdf