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Conference materials - Warsaw 2003

Conference materials - Warsaw 2003 Conference materials - Warsaw 2003

Analytical Perspectives on the Music of Chopin
Publisher: The Fryderyk Chopin Institute
ISBN: 83-917410-2-8
Price: 6 EUR
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  1. Prof. Jim Samson (London), The Challenge to Analysis

I. Chopin's Work in Depiction of Various Analytical Systems

  1. Prof. Bertil Wikman (Tullinge), Music Analysis, Interpretation and the Musical Works of Chopin
  2. Prof. Mieczysław Tomaszewski (Kraków), La musique de Chopin dans la perspective de la méthode d’interprétation dite intégrale
  3. Dr hab. Andrzej Tuchowski (Zielona Góra), Chopin's Work in the Light of Post-Schenkerian Methods
  4. Prof. Claudia Colombati (Roma), La perspective estético-philosophique comme méthode d’analyse de l’oeuvre de Fryderyk Chopin
  5. Anna Koszewska (Poznań), The Category of Value as a Basis for Understanding Music by Chopin

II. Chopin Analysis in Practice

  1. Prof. John Rink (London), Analyzing Rhythmic Shape in Chopin's 'E major Etude'
  2. Prof. Harald Krebs (Victoria - Canada), Metrical Disturbances in Chopin's 'Third Ballade'
  3. Prof. Bengt Edlund (Lund), Chopin's 'A-major Prelude'. Une pièce résistante
  4. Artur Szklener (Kraków), Melodics of Chopin's Nocturnes. A multi-layer issue
  5. Dr Iwona Lindstedt (Warszawa), Some Remarks on Computer-Assisted Analysis of the Finale of Chopin's 'Piano Sonata in B flat minor' Op. 35

III. History of Interpretation of Music by Chopin

  1. Dr Wojciech Nowik (Warszawa), The Work of Frédéric Chopin in the Light of the Theoretical Conceptions of the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
  2. Prof. Irena Poniatowska (Warszawa), L’analyse métaphorique des oeuvres de Chopin dans le livre de Liszt
  3. Prof. Joachim Draheim, Fryderyk Chopin in the Eyes of Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Heinrich Heine

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