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Conference materials - Warsaw 2007

Conference materials - Warsaw 2007 Conference materials - Warsaw 2007

Chopin's Musical Worlds: the 1840s
Publisher: The Fryderyk Chopin Institute
ISBN: 978-83-61142-05-8 

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Chopin's Musical Worlds: the 1840s is the seventh in the series of conference publications. It contains extended articles from the Seventh International Academic Conference organised by the Institute in December 2007. The articles cover a wide range of subjects connected with Chopin's life and output from the 1840s. The texts are in English and French.


(Re)constructing 1840s Paris

  • Katharine Ellis, The limits of seriousness: piano sonatas in 1840s Paris
  • Jolanta T. Pękacz, Chopin and the Parisian Salons
  • Marie-Paule Rambeau, Chopin et le salon du marquis de Custine (1835-1848)
  • Alicia C. Levin, ‘One Piano and One Pianist': The Triumph of Marie Pleyel in 1840s Paris

Chopin in the world of the 1840s

  • Antonio Cascelli, Chopin as salon composer: Schenker's reception of Chopin
  • Rosalba Agresta, Aspect de la réception de Chopin en Angleterre pendant les années 1840
  • David Kasunic, Chopin's musical disease: tuberculosis, music and diagnostic pathology in 1840s France
  • Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, Quand Chopin accompagne Pauline Viardot. Annotations inconnues dans ‘Le Chêne e le roseau’

Chopin's music

  • Dana Gooley, Between esprit and génie – Chopin in the field of performance
  • Halina Goldberg, Chopin's late fantasy pieces in the context of nineteenth-century fantasy genres
  • Jan Ekier, On questions relating to the chronology of Chopin's works. Methods. A few examples concerning compositions from the last period
  • Jeffrey Kallberg, Chopin's music box
  • Kaori Katayama Noland, Grundgestalt and diatonic/octatonic interaction in Chopin's F minor Ballade
  • Charles Fisk, Imagining and performing the Polonaise-fantasy
  • Janet Schmalfeldt, Chopin's dialogue: the Cello Sonata, Op. 65
  • Lawrence Kramer, Rogue pitches, the cult of the dandy and Chopin's later style

Late Chopin & last Chopin

  • Mieczysław Tomaszewski, Late Chopin. Last Chopin
  • Bohdan Pociej, Chopin's late style. Late style: lassitude and innovation
  • Piotr Dahlig, The late mazurkas of Fryderyk Chopin – new scores of meditation
  • Zofia Chechlińska, Chopin's works of the forties and the phenomenon of late work


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