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Fryderyk Chopin Institute publishes special books and audiobooks dedicated to children and their parents. Beautifully illustrated books will become for young readers a great source of knowledge about Chopin's life and works. Books will take children on a magic trip through Chopin's life.

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news What is being played here? - Anna Czerwińska-Rydel
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news Healthy lad
"Healthy lad" is Chopin's youthful poem illustrated by Bohdan Butenko - famous Polish drawer and engraver. more »

news "Wszystko gra" [Everything plays] - Anna Czerwińska-Rytel
A magical book introducing children to the world of the orchestra and all musical instruments that form it. more »

news Secret sounds - Anna Czerwińska-Rytel
Absorbing, moving, full of humor - and knowledge - book about children, the need for intimacy and about dreams, that can come true; a book in which the music and instruments turn out to be the cure for loneliness, fear and rejection. more »

news My grandma loves Chopin - Anna Czerwińska-Rydel
A unique book by Anna Czerwińska-Rydel enchanting with lightness, humour and warth. more »

news The cannons concealed amid blossoms [Armaty ukryte w kwiatach] - Lene Mayer-Skumanz
The story about Chopin’s life – full of the sense of humour together with a CD recording with the selected Chopin’s pieces. more »

news Chopin and his music [Chopin i jego muzyka] - Barbara Smoleńska-Zielińska
Beautifully illustrated book dedicated to the life and work of Chopin and to his times. more »

Unique, special edition for children: an audiobook leading young children through the world of Chopin’s music with the use of a versed poem by Michał Rusinek that is read by famous Polish actor Zbigniew Zamachowski. Selected Chopin recordings are from the series "The Real Chopin" published by the Chopin Institute in Warsaw. more »

news Music of Mister Chopin [Muzyka Pana Chopina] - Wanda Chotomska
A book with a special CD containing great recordings of Chopin’s works – a chance to broaden the knowledge about the composer’s life and output. more »

news Music of Mister Chopin [Muzyka Pana Chopina] (audiobook) - Wanda Chotomska
Zn extraordinary radio play based on the motives from the book by Wanda Chotomska. The recording concentrates on the youth of Chopin. more »

news His lordship Senieur Pichon [Jaśnie Pan Pichon] - Anna Czerwińska-Rydel
The book about the childhood and youth of Chopin full of lively dialogs, colourful narrations and beautiful illustrations by Józef Wilkoń. more »

news Michał Rusinek - Little Chopin
The new rhymed story about Chopin's life on the Polish market addressed to children. more »

news FRYDERYK CHOPIN and his world
A special book for children aroud 7, showing the places connected with Chopin’s life. more »

news "Frycek w Szafarni" [Frycek in Szafarnia]
Educational folder with a CD with Chopin's music and with composer's letters from Szafarnia read by Zbigniew Zamachowski. more »

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