Secret sounds - Anna Czerwińska-Rytel

Secret sounds - Anna Czerwińska-Rytel Secret sounds - Anna Czerwińska-Rytel

– This is unbearable! – said grandfather turning up the TV.
– She really could spare us her playing during the evening news – admitted dad.
– Mum!
I cannot concentrate! – Mariolka started moaning. – I have an important test tomorrow, please, do something!...

Can the silence be heart?
Everything around us makes sounds. Let’s discover the world of silence and secrete sounds made by different musical instruments together with the characters from this unique book.

Anna Czerwińska-Rydel – musician and teacher, author of children’s books, music tales and radio broadcasts; she knows how to speak and write about the music to make children listen.

Secret Sounds is an absorbing, moving, full of humour – and knowledge – book about the music, children, the need for intimacy and dreams, that can come true. In each of the ten champers the author has put short tails, which main character struggles with problems important for all children and the music and an instrument turns out to be the cure for loneliness, fear and rejection.

The illustrations made by Zuzanna Orlińska play also an important role in the whole book, for they are filled with warmth and humour and affect children’s imagination in the most positive way.

The book is available only in Polish language version.

Anna Czerwińska-Rydel Tajemnicze dźwięki [Secret sounds]
ISBN 978-83-62955-00-8
for children age 8 to 12

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