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The Complete Works of Fryderyk Chopin on historical instruments The Complete Works of Fryderyk Chopin on historical instruments

The Complete Works of Fryderyk Chopin on historical instruments is a project realised on historical instruments from Chopin's times: pianos by Erard (Paris, 1849) and Pleyel (Paris, 1848). These new recordings can bring contemporary listeners closer to Romantic times and reveale the long forgotten soundworld of that era.

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news The Real Chopin - Complete Works
The complete works of Chopin on period instruments - 21 CD's recorded by most famous pianists of our times. more »

news NIFCCD 049 Chopin. Scherzo E-dur op. 54, Nokturny Mazurki, Ballada g-moll op. 23 - Garrick Ohlsson
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news NIFCCD 056 Chopin. Piano Concerto in F-minor, Mazurkas, Ballada/Kurpiński. Fugue et Coda
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news NIFCCD 048 Chopin. Mazurkas, Ballade, Barcarolle - Szymon Nehring
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news NIFCCD 047 Chopin. Etudes Op. 10, 25 - Krzysztof Jabłoński
The complete Etudes of Fryderyk Chopin in the rendition of one of Poland’s most superb pianists – on a period instrument. more »

news NIFCCD 043 Chopin. Polonaises, Mazurkas, Preludes - Zbigniew Drzewiecki
A unique CD is being released in The Fryderyk Chopin Institute’s The Real Chopin series - a 1961 recital recorded by Zbigniew Drzewiecki more »

news NIFCCD 037 Chopin. Songs - Hana Blažíkova, Katarzyna Drogosz
Twenty songs by Fryderyk Chopin in the rendition of Hana Blažíková, presently considered one of the most outstanding performers of Baroque music, and Katarzyna Drogosz, a pianist specializing in performance on historical instruments. more »

news NIFCCD 035-36 Chopin. Mazurkas - Janusz Olejniczak
In The Real Chopin series, for the first time, Janusz Olejniczak in a studio recording of the complete 57 Mazurkas of Fryderyk Chopin on a historical Erard piano from 1849. more »

news NIFCCD 033 Chopin. Concert works, version for one piano - Dina Yoffe
For the first time, pieces with orchestra from Fryderyk Chopin's op. 2, 13, 14 and 22 in a solo version for historical piano will be available in a superb recording by Dina Yoffe more »

news NIFCCD 032 Alex Szilasi. Nocturnes
A Hungarian pianist whose links with Chopin extend from preparing editions of his music to performing his works on historical instruments more »

news NIFCCD 029 Chopin. Piano concertos - Yulianna Avdeeva
Chopin's Piano Concertos performed by Yulianna Avdeeva - the winner of the last Chopin Competition. more »

news NIFCCD 028 Chopin. Preludes, Impromptus - Akiko Ebi
24 Preludes Op. 28 and 4 Impromptus performed by Akiko Ebi on the oldest piano in the Institute’s collection - Erard piano from 1838. more »

news NIFCCD 026 Chopin. Ballades, Nocturnes, Scherzo - Wojciech Świtała
Another album recorded by one of the best Polish pianists specialising in the music of Chopin - Wojciech Świtała. more »

news NIFCCD 025 Chopin. Etudes Op. 10, Mazurkas Op. 56, polonaises, nocturnes, Barcarolle - Magdalena Lisak
The latest release in the series - Etudes, Op. 10, the Mazurkas, Op. 56, polonaises, nocturnes and the Barcarolle, interpreted by Magdalena Lisak. more »

news NIFCCD 024 Piano Concerto in F minor, Grand Duo Concertant, Rondo in C major, Variations in D major - Dina Yoffe, Daniel Vaiman
Chopin's F minor Piano Concerto for piano solo and three other pieces for four hands and two pianos in the interpretation of Dina Yoffe and Daniel Vaiman. more »

news NIFCCD 023 Chopin. 9 Songs + 9 Lieder - Dorothee Mields, Nelson Goerner
9 Chopin's songs in Polish and German language version recorded by Dorothee Mields and Nelson Goerner. more »

news NIFCCD 022. Chopin. Sonatas - Howard Shelley
Album devoted to Chopin's piano sonatas in the interpretation of Howard Shelley. more »

news NIFCCD 021 Chopin. Preludes - Tatiana Shebanova
24 Preludes and Piano Sonata in B flat minor, Op. 35 performed on the Erard piano by Tatiana Shebanova. more »

news NIFCCD 020 Chopin. Nocturnes - Dang Thai Son
The first solo album of the Vietnamese pianist Dang Thai Son in the series "The Real Chopin". more »

news NIFCCD 019 Chopin. Waltzes, Polonaise - Marek Drewnowski
The first album of the Polish pianist Marek Drewnowski recorded on historical pianos [Pleyel, 1848; Erard, 1849] within The Real Chopin series. more »

news NIFCCD 018 Chopin. Polonaises, Mazurkas, Rondo - Tatiana Shebanova
Polonaises, mazurkas, Variations in E major on a German folk song and Rondo in C major performed by Tatiana Shebanova. more »

news NIFCCD 017 Chopin. Variations Mazurkas Rondos - Tatiana Shebanova
Selected Chopin's works in the outstanding interpretation of Tatiana Shebanova playing the Erard piano from 1849. more »

news NIFCCD 016. Songs - Aleksandra Kurzak, Mariusz Kwiecień, Nelson Goerner
For the first time Aleksandra Kurzak and Mariusz Kwiecień with Nelson Goerner performing Chopin Songs. more »

news NIFCCD 015 Chopin. Sonata c-moll Mazurki op. 6, 7, 41 - Ewa Pobłocka
A special recording containing masterpieces and marginalia of Fryderyk Chopin performed by gerat Polish pianist Ewa Pobłocka. more »

news NIFCCD 014. Rondo in c minor, Op. 1, Rondo in E flat major, Op. 16, Berceuse, Op. 57, Variations, Op. 2 - Nikolai Demidenko
Passionate, unique performance of Chopin's selected pieces played by Nikolai Demidenko. more »

news NIFCCD 013 Chopin. Chamber Music - Jan Krzysztof Broja, Andrzej Bauer, Jakub Jakowicz
An album entirely dedicated to the chamber music of Fryderyk Chopin, performed by Jan Broja, Andrzej Bauer and Jakub Jakowicz. more »

news NIFCCD 012. Scherzos in B minor and E major, Polonaise in E Flat minor, Mazurkas, Nocturnes - Dina Yoffe
A unique disc performed by Dina Yoffe with Chopin's Scherzos, Mazurkas, Nocturnes and Polonaise Op. 26 No. 2. more »

news NIFCCD 011. Janusz Olejniczak - Polonaises in F sharp minor op. 44, in A major op. 40 No. 1, in A flat op. 53, Nocturnes, Mazurkas
The second disc in the series "Real Chopin" performed by Janusz Olejniczak. more »

news NIFCCD 010. 4 Impromptus, Scherzo C sharp minor, Mazurkas, Nocturns, Preludes - Kevin Kenner
Chopin's selected works performed by Kevin Kenner – pianist's first disc on a historical piano. more »

news NIFCCD 009. Chopin. Works for piano and orchestra - Nelson Goerner
Nelson Goerner and The Orchestra of the XVIII Century presents Chopin’s works for the piano and orchestra. more »

news NIFCCD 008. Sonata in B flat minor, Op. 35, Scherzo in B flat minor, Op. 31, Nocturnes, 5 Mazurkas and Waltzes - Janusz Olejniczak
Chopin's Selected Works performed by Janusz Olejniczak on the Erard piano. more »

news NIFCCD 007. 24 Etudes Op. 10 & Op. 25 - Tatiana Shebanova
The disc features new recordings of the complete sets of Chopin's etudes player by Tatiana Shebanova. more »

news NIFCCD 006. Preludes - Wojciech Świtała
Album presenting a recording of Chopin's Preludes Op. 28 played on the Pleyel piano. more »

news NIFCCD 005. Waltzes, Barcarola, Berceuse, Ecossaises - Tatiana Shebanova
Berceuse amd Barcarola – two Chopin masterpieces in a special interpretation of Tatiana Shebanova. more »

news NIFCCD 004. Piano Concertos - Dang Thai Son and the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century/Frans Brüggen
Recordings of Chopin's concertos performed during the festival 'Chopin and his Europe' by Dang Thai Son. more »

news NIFCCD 003. Ballades, 3 Nocturnes - Nelson Goerner
A unique interpretation of the Ballades and Nocturnes player on the Pleyel piano by Nelson Goerner. more »

news NIFCCD 002. Polonaise-Fantasia, Fantasia, Sonate in B minor - Ka Ling Colleen Lee
CD recorded on the Pleyel piano by a rising star of the Chopin interpretation. more »

news NIFCCD 001. Mazurkas - Fou Ts'ong
The first recording in the series "The Real Chopin" – the mazurkas played on the piano constructed by Erard. more »

news NIFCCD 000 Chopin. Historical live recording from 1948 - Raul Koczalski
Archival recording of the recital of Raul Koczalski which took place on February 21, 1948 in the Pompeian Room of the Belvedere on the occasion of the 138th anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin's birthday. more »

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