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NIFCCD 625 Seong-Jin Cho

NIFCCD 625 Seong-Jin Cho NIFCCD 625 Seong-Jin Cho

The Fryderyk Chopin Institute presents a CD album featuring the winner of the 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition, Seong-Jin Cho, intended as a complement to the disc released by Deutsche Grammophon, which premièred a mere two weeks after his victory at the Competition. The album is a review of the winner’s interpretations from all of the competition audition rounds; its première is 1 March 2016 – the 206th birthday of Fryderyk Chopin.

At which moment did the future winner begin to stand out from among the group of approximately 80 participants in the Competition? Seong-Jin Cho – the winner of 1st prizes at the Rubinstein (2014) and Tchaikovsky (2011) Competitions – arrived at the 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition surrounded by a winner’s aura. And though it was not his name that was most frequently on the lips of people waiting in suspense for the final results, few were surprised when it turned out that it was Seong-Jin Cho who had become the first-ever Gold Medal winner from South Korea: in each successive round, he invariably proved his great musical culture, enchanting listeners with his focused, elegant sound.

Seong-Jin Cho was the only participant who had the opportunity to play a piano concerto more than once during the Competition: aside from the final, also in the ‘honorary round’ – the Prizewinners’ Concert. Only a little older than Chopin was when he wrote that concerto, the winner gave an interview in which he said, ‘My greatest dream is to concertize until the day I die; I would like to be able to perform even when I am a very old man.’ His success at the 17th Chopin Competition – the most important musical event in the world in 2015 – brought him considerably closer to the fulfillment of those dreams.

The 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition
Warsaw, 1–23 October 2015
Seong-Jin Cho – piano
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra*
Jacek Kaspszyk – conductor

Fryderyk Chopin [1810–1849]:

  1. Etude in C major op. 10 no. 1 [1829–1832]
  2. Etude in A-flat major op. 10 no. 10 [1829–1832]
  3. Fantasia in F minor op. 49 [1841]
  4. Ballade in F major op. 38 [1839]
  5. Waltz in F major op. 34 no. 3 [before 1838]
  6. Mazurkas op. 33 [1836–1838]
  7. Piano Concerto in E minor op. 11 [1830]*

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