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NIFCCD 102 Ewa Pobłocka - John Field

NIFCCD 102 Ewa Pobłocka - John Field NIFCCD 102 Ewa Pobłocka - John Field

John Field, well-known in 19th-century Europe as a teacher and pianist, distinguished by a beautiful, intense cantabile, has his place in music history, but does not play a large role in contemporary concert life. There are recordings, above all of his concerti; there also exist a few recordings of his nocturnes.

Ewa Pobłocka, the winner of the 10th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition, recorded a complete set of them for the first time in 1994, receiving a special medal from the Irish Government for them. This time, she has made the first complete recording of the 20 Nocturnes on a historical instrument - an 1838 Erard.


Recorded at the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw, 2011-2012.

John Field

Nocturnes [ca. 1816]

no. 1 in E-flat major Molto moderato

no. 2 in C minor Moderato e molto espressivo

no. 3 in A-flat major Uno poco allegretto

no. 4 in A major Poco adagio

no. 5 in B-flat major Andantino

no. 6 in F major Andante

no. 7 in C major Moderato

no. 8 in A major Andante

no. 9 in E-flat major Andantino

no. 10 in E minor Adagio

no. 11 in E-flat major Moderato

no. 12 in G major Lento

no. 13 in D minor Lento

no. 14 in C major Molto moderato

no. 15 in C major Molto moderato

no. 16 in F major Lento

no. 17 in E major Molto moderato

no. 18 in E major Allegretto

B-flat major Andantino [ca. 1816-1821]

C major ‘The Troubadour' Moderato [1832]

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