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The Fryderyk Chopin Institute publishes number of different books referring to Chopin's life and output and also an important series of post-conference booklets, whose aim is to record and popularize the state of research on chosen Chopin issues touched upon during the annual International Chopinological Conferences, organized by the Institute. The series also allows to present the research of Polish academics internationally.

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news Anna AdamusińskaTasak- Scena warszawska oczami Fryderyka Chopina
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news Mieczysław Tomaszewski – Kompozytorzy polscy o Fryderyku Chopinie. Antologia
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news Barbara Chmara-Żaczkiewicz - Václav Vilém Würfel in Warsaw and in Vienna.
The first publication in new series of biographies of composers from Chopin's times more »

news Album Chopin's Piano
The album Chopin’s Piano with photos by Wojciech Grzędziński shows the process of building a copy of an instrument from the Fryderyk Buchholtz workshop. more »

news Polish Paths of Chopin
This guidebook presents information in an accessible and attractive manner concerning over 40 places in Poland associated with Fryderyk Chopin. more »

news Mieczysław Tomaszewski – Chopin 2. Uchwycić nieuchwytne
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news Niedenthal Chopin. The 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition
This album of photos taken by Chris Niedenthal, prepared according a design by Leszek Szurkowski, is the fruit of the three weeks the author spent at Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, photographing the 17th Chopin Competition. more »

news Halina Goldberg - Music in Chopin's Warsaw
The book Music in Chopin’s Warsaw, originally addressed to an American audience (Oxford 2008), portrays the political and cultural background of Warsaw in Fryderyk Chopin’s youth. more »

news George Sand - Story of my life (Part 1-5)
Almost 160 years after George Sand wrote Histoire de ma vie, the first full Polish edition of all five volumes has been published, as Historia mojego życia, in a translation by Professor Zbigniew Skowron. more »

news Chopin's Polish Letters
The present volume is cause for celebration. The translations by David Frick at last allow the Anglophone audience unfettered, nuanced access to Chopin’s distinctive Polish voice. more »

news Jean Jacques Eigeldinger - Chopin and Baroness Nathaniel de Rothschild
This is yet another important contribution by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, one of the most distinguished Chopinologists of our time, to research on Chopin’s biography and œuvre. more »

news Chopin and his Critics. An Anthology (1918–1939)
Chopin and his Critics. An Anthology (1918-1939) represents the continuation of the volume covering the period up to the First World War (two editions, Polish and foreign-language, 2011) and the same geographical area: Poland, Russia (USSR), Germany, France and the UK. more »

news Jerzy Miziołek - Chopin e l'Italia
Chopin e l'Italia, edited by Jerzy Miziołek, is a collection of articles in Italian about Chopin's relationship with Italy, published by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Warsaw University Museum and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura. more »

news John Rink - Chopin's Piano Concertos
John Rink's book is the most comprehensive discussion of Chopin's concertos (as well as the Allegro de concert, Op. 46) to appear to date. more »

news Wojciech Bońkowski - Chopin gourmet
Chopin's taste must have seemed a matter so trivial that it was never the object of enquiry. Yet his eating habits reveal many surprises and add a coloured brushstroke to his portrait. more »

news Mieczysław Tomaszewski - Chopin: The Man, His Work and Its Resonance
Chopin. The Man, his Work and its Resonance is the revised and updated English-language version of Mieczysław Tomaszewski's multi-award-winning book Chopin. Człowiek, dzieło, rezonans (Poznań, 1998), constituting the sum of the professor's knowledge and reflections on Chopin-related themes. more »

news Charles Rosen – Styl klasyczny. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
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news Krystian Burda. Droga do Żelazowej Woli – studium czasoprzestrzeni
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news Warszawa Chopinów [wersja japońska] – Piotr Mysłakowski
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news Fontana and Chopin in letters - Magdalena Oliferko (English version)
An English version of the book by Magdalena Oliferko shedding new light on the relationship between Chopin and Fontana. more »

news Chopin w podróży. Glosy do biografii [Chopin on the road. Glosses to a biography] - Henryk F. Nowaczyk
Collection of eighty-two articles by Henryk F. Nowaczyk, edited by Piotr Mysłakowski more »

news Żelazowa Wola. The history of Chopin's Birthplace - Mariola Wojtkiewicz
An English translation of the latest book devoted to the history of Żelazowa Wola, written by Mariola Wojtkiewicz. more »

news Ingrid Loe Dalaker – Thomas Tellefsen w norweskiej i francuskiej kulturze muzycznej
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news The Chopins' Warsaw - Piotr Mysłakowski
A guidebook to Warsaw – the city of Chopin's youth written by Piotr Mysłakowski – highly estimated biographer and author. more »

news The Chopins' Warsaw - Piotr Mysłakowski
An English translation of the guidebook to Fryderyk Chopin’s home city of Warsaw written by Piotr Mysłakowski, a leading expert on Chopin’s biography and genealogy. more »

news Beethoven piano texture - Irena Poniatowska
The book was first published in 1972 by the Polish National Edition. The current, second edition has been extended by adding an appendix: Beethoven – Chopin. Similarities in piano texture. more »

news Chopin at the Boundaries. Sex, History and Musical Genre - Jeffrey Kallberg
The famous set of esseys by Jeffrey Kallberg in the Polish language version. more »

news Fryderyk Chopin - Adam Czartkowski, Zofia Jeżewska
The seventh edition of this Chopin biography based on recollections, memoirs, press articles and correspondence. more »

news Jan Ekier – artysta stulecia. Księga z okazji jubileuszu 100. urodzin.
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news Adolph Gutmann - Chopin's favourite student - Ewa Sławińska-Dahlig
First biography of Adolf Gutmann - German pianit and composer, one of the best and with no doubt the favourite Chopin's students. more »

news Polskość Chopina [The Polishness of Chopin] - Bohdan Pociej
The last book written by the eminent music writer, musicologist and critic. more »

news Chopin: The Four Ballades - Jim Samson
The book about Chopin's ballades by Jim Samson in Polish language version. more »

news Fryderyk in Antonin
A folder concerning Fryderyk Chopin's visit to Antonin in autumn of 1829. more »

news A Swallow's Shadow - Ryszard Przybylski
The book by Ryszard Przybylski guides the reader through the maze of changing emotional states of the composer, and it tells a lot about who he was and how he felt up to the end – also when passing away. more »

news Polish edition of "Chopin and his critics: An Anthology"
Polish eidition of the anthology "Chopin and his critics: An Anthology", published by the Chopin Institute in 2011. more »

news Fryderyk Chopin As a Man and Musician - Frederick Niecks
The famous, extensive, two-volume monograph of Chopin – first Polish edition. more »

news Żelazowa Wola - album with photographs by Adam Kaczkowski
The Fryderyk Chopin Institute presents an album of Żelazowa Wola, showing photographs taken by Adam Kaczkowski between 1956 and 1975. more »

news Fryderyk Chopin. Letters. Audiobook
Selection of Chopin's letters from different periods of his life, read by Zbigniew Zamachowski. The publication is enriched with drawings of Józef Wilkoń. more »

news La Polonia de Chopin. Guía ilustrada de los lugares relacionados con el compositor
A Spanish edition of the illustrated guide of Chopin’s places in Poland: 'Chopin's Poland. A guidebook to places associated with the composer'. more »

news Chopin and his Critics: An Anthology (up to World War I) - Irena Poniatowska (ed.)
A unique anthology of music criticism on Chopin and his work, ranging from the composer’s times up to the First World War. more »

news Zelazowa Wola. History of Chopin's birth place - Mariola Wojtkiewicz
The new book dedicated to the birth place of Fryderyk Chopin – Żelazowa Wola. The book orders the history of Chopin's birth place from the moment when Ludwika Skarbek bought the manor till the present days. more »

news Balakirev in Warsaw and Żelazowa Wola - Grzegorz Wiśniewski
This book by Grzegorz Wiśniewski recounts in vivid detail the story of two pilgrimages undertaken by Balakirev to Żelazowa Wola. more »

news Chopin as seen by the Russians - Grzegorz Wiśniewski
set of statements of famous Russians – people connected with music, literature, art, on the subject of Chopin and his output more »

news Chopin's correspondence with George Sand and her children
The book prepared by the Chopin Institute and the State Publishing Institute. more »

news Fryderyk Chopin. The Origins - Piotr Mysłakowski, Andrzej Sikorski - English version
The book referring to the origin and life of Chopin's parents and their family, friends and acquaintances. more »

news Fryderyk Chopin. The Origins - Piotr Mysłakowski, Andrzej Sikorski (Polish version)
The book referring to the origin and life of Chopin's parents and their family, friends and acquaintances. more »

news Fontana and Chopin in letters – Magdalena Oliferko
The book is shedding new light on the relationship between Chopin and Fontana. more »

news Lucrezia Floriani - George Sand
"Novel with a key" - bears strong resemblance to the story of Sand's relationship with Chopin. more »

news Fryderyk Chopin - Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger
Book for a broader audience interested in Chopin's music and biography, presents Chopin as teacher, performer and composer in the cultural context of the period. more »

news In the circle of reception and resonance of music. Chopin sketches - Irena Poniatowska
Collection of ten essays referring to the reception and resonance of the music of Chopin in the European culture. more »

news Memoirs of Count Fryderyk Skarbek
Integral edition of the memoirs of Count Fryderyk Skarbek – Chopin's godfather – edited by Piotr Mysłakowski. more »

news Polska Chopina [Chopin's Poland]. A guidebook to places associated with the composer
Book describes places where Chopin lived, stayed on his summer holidays or visited in passing. more »

news Chopin’s Poland. A guidebook to places associated with the composer
English version of the guidebook "Polska Chopina". more »

news The International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in photographs
The book contains photographs depicting the tradition, going back nearly a hundred years, of promoting the music of Fryderyk Chopin through the Warsaw-based International Chopin Competitions. more »

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