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Polish edition of

Polish edition of "Chopin and his critics: An Anthology" Polish edition of

„Chopin w krytyce muzycznej do I wojny światowej. Antologia” [„Chopin and his critics: An Anthology”] edited by prof. Irena Poniatowska – the Polish edition of the „Anthology”, published in the beginning of 2011 by the Chopin Institute. It is the first world anthology of such kind devoted to Chopin's life and music. It coveres a selection of critisc about Chopin from different countries.

The book is a set of five sections edited by prof. Irena Poniatowska. The authors of the sections are: Magdalena Dziadek – Poland, Irina Nikolska – Russia, Joachim Draheim – Germany and Austria, Marie-Paule Rambeau – France, Rosalba Agresta – Engliand and Scottland).

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