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The Chopins' Warsaw - Piotr Mysłakowski

The Chopins' Warsaw - Piotr Mysłakowski The Chopins' Warsaw - Piotr Mysłakowski

The Chopins’ Warsaw is an English translation of the guidebook to Fryderyk Chopin’s home city of Warsaw written by Piotr Mysłakowski, a leading expert on Chopin’s biography and genealogy.

Places connected with the history of the Chopin family, verified and documented by sources, are described and located on a map of present-day Warsaw. No previous guide has provided such a wealth of reliable historical information concerning addresses associated with the Chopins.

The book covers the period from 1787 up to the last decade of the nineteenth century, divided into three chapters:

  1. The Warsaw of Mikołaj Chopin during his bachelor years (1788–1806)
  2. The Warsaw of the Chopin family from the birth of Ludwika to Fryderyk’s departure (1807–1830)
  3. The Warsaw of the Chopins after Fryderyk’s departure (1830–1881)

Particularly worth noting is the map of Warsaw dating from 1818–1822 – the work of Polish military cartographers of the General Quartermaster Department. That map serves as the underlying illustrative material, onto which contemporary drawings of selected fragments of the city map have been superimposed.

tr. John Comber

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