Brochów Brochów

The 16th century basilica in Brochów, where Fryderyk Chopin was baptised
and his parents wed, is preparing for the celebrations of the 200th
Anniversary of the Birth of the Composer.
The current renovation of the church is financed from the ‘Fryderyk
Chopin Programme' of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage,
which is run by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw.
Archive photos and extensive research made it possible to reconstruct
the original polychrome, which was damaged during World War I.
The polychrome has already been reconstructed in the chancel, works in
the central nave are under way. They should  be finished next year.
At the same time new altars are being constructed (main and side
altars). The church will also be newly furnished in order to restore the
original look from Chopin's times.
The historic bell tower is also under renovation, which is supported by
the Marshall of the Region.
All the works are supervised by the General Conservator of Art (Płock
Division) and the Fryderyk Chopin Institute.

Mrs Christine Dalnoky, French landscape designer of great renown, has been preparing the project concept of historical park revitalization in Brochów. The designer's intention is to create a rustic, historical and ecological park.

The whole design will be set into the local roads network, with new bicycle paths and infrastructure for tourists. The project will be carried out in cooperation with Brochów district.  

In order to prepare the park area for revitalization, the Institute pursues plants nurturing including cutting withered trees, underwood and brushwood, which results in opening the views on ponds being the remains of Bzura old river bed.

At the same time, the design studio Dawidczyk and Partners has been preparing the reconstruction adaptation project of the manor in Brochów, which is situated in the central part of the park.

Guest rooms, café and multifunctional rooms open also for exhibitions can be found in the renovated manor.




Saturday 17th April, 2021