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news 15.09.2009 Zamek Ostrogskich i Centrum Chopinowskie more »

news 30.07.2009 Zamek Ostrogskich Works related to alteration and change of use of basement space are in progress in Ostrogski Castle. more »

news 30.07.2009 Zamek Ostrogskich In July, construction of a new structure, a passage beneath the western courtyard of the Ostrogski Castle, between the castle and the Chopin Centre, has begun. more »

news 29.07.2009 Zelazowa Wola On the 29th July 2009 acceptance procedures of the 1st stage of Żelazowa Wola park renewal have begun. more »

news 21.04.2009 Żelazowa Wola Construction works related to the changes in walls and ceilings finish of the attic of the historic manor are completed. more »

news 21.04.2009 Ostrogski Castle Construction works related to the installation of the wiring system, necessary for the future museum exhibition, are in progress. more »

news 01.12.2008 Brochów more »

news 13.11.2008 Brochów The renovation of the 19th century bell tower has been finished. more »

news 13.11.2008 Brochów The reconstruction of the ceiling polychrome is under way. more »

news 27.10.2008 Chopin Centre On 24 October 2008 at 7.00 p.m. a special ceremony was held to mark the end of building works of the Chopin Centre. more »

news 13.10.2008 Ostrogski Castle more »

news 13.10.2008 Żelazowa Wola more »

news 13.10.2008 Chopin Centre more »

news 07.10.2008 Ostrogski Castle more »

news 22.09.2008 Ostrogski Castle At the Ostrogski Castle works on the preparation of the base for the floor continue. more »

news 10.09.2008 Żelazowa Wola Works continue on the technical and garden facilities. more »

news 11.08.2008 Żelazowa Wola At the beginning of August 08 The Fryderyk Chopin Institute signed a contract with "WINNICKI" from Sochaczew for the revitalisation of the park in Żelazowa Wola and the construction of the tourist centre with offices and other facilities. The works have already started more »

news 21.07.2008 Ostrogski Castle Works continue. Rubble is removed from the cellars, which are deepened to reach the designed levels. more »

news 10.07.2008 Ostrogski Castle In June the Institute signed a contract with the company Grzegory & Partnerzy ARCHITEKCI more »